Dripping darkness

Darkness dripping off the edges of a city. Shadows melting into one another. Silence just disturbed by distant screams slowly fading out is creeping over the ground like poisonous fog. Desperate figures sneaking through the streets. The waft of a cape. The blink of an eye. A frosty blanket sinking in letting the lonly leftbehinds shiver with coldness and fear. They know, the unapproachable approaches. His henchmen already sucked the life out of their city. Once there were laughs, bright colours and music filling the air with fabulous melodys swirling up and down. But now everything’s gone. The ones able and free to run ran. The ones left behind stand eye to eye to an careless evil.

A power to fear

We wonder as we’re strolling through the dark. A sky full of love, a sky full of stars. Blinking eyes looking down upon us. A framed heart lighting our souls. Letting them shiver with coldness, letting them fear true love. A power much more capricious then a dying star.